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Jul 8

Y would I appreciate ur restraint? U rather missed my pt. Vent! Review the album! Ppl r reading b/t the lines already & know u hate it & that ur resenting more & more that he & his love r at a place in their life you will likely never b. Yes I got personal, because it IS that for you 2. It's not just the music u hate (which would b perfectly fine & respected, but it's not), it's the wellspring in him that brought forth that music that u r seething at. THAT is ridiculous & why I say ur not a true


(cont’d) “fan of him or his work & not any1 to try & ‘gather’ Incubus fans. What fans love about the band & the guys is their diversity - musically, spiritually, etc. Not every1 was happy about Ben, but those who RESPECT gave him a shot & majority loves him now. Those saying “Bring back Dirk!” sound like stuck-in-the-past douches & not tru fans who can evolve or RESPECT, c where I’m going w/this? Do what B did w/SOS, show ur TRUE self & let ppl decide if they stay, I doubt many will & isn’t that y don’t?”

I declared this blog dead a couple of weeks ago, but I’m posting your message because I think it deserves to be seen. I believe it is in response to something I tweeted. Thank you for your comments, but I’m no longer posting my thoughts here.

But you might come back sometime, right?

Time to let go.

Actually, I would call it bashing. When you take time to criticise a person's weight (telling someone you claim to admire & more importantly, don't know, that they need to "go eat something" or speculating their gf, who you obviously don't care for, doesn't feed them properly, is beyond ridiculous & were he not a celebrity, be considered beyond the limits of 'ok'), or ?'ing their OBVIOUS happiness @ this pt in their life cause UR not happy w/ur life? Not ok. I DO hope you find some peace somehow


Acknowledged. Thank you.

I don't understand how someone who can be so negative towards a person she claims to admire, Brandon Boyd, so much of the time, feels like she can be a gatherer of Incufans? I see your Twitter, read your blog. I've zero qualms w/your thoughts and/or feelings, they're your own &, as such, are completely valid & you should feel no hesitation in sharing them. But do you understand that more than a few in the Incubus community are a bit tired of reading u bash one min & then doing Incufest the next?


(cont’d) “Oh, and per my last ask, I’m not even remotely saying that you must LOVE or even like everything Brandon, Incubus, or the other members individually, create. I certainly am not a huge fan of Fungus or other things done individually & collectively by the band. BUT, I don’t bash it fairly routinely, nor do I get personal, as I’ve read you do. I express my negative feelings, when I have them, with respect for the places they’re in & the places I’m in at the time. I don’t sense that respect from you”

Fair enough, although I wouldn’t exactly call it bashing, just questioning. Anyway, you’ll be glad to know I’m getting tired of it, too.


all my favorite musicians are getting older and it honestly scares the shit out of me. 

Yes, be afraid. Be very afraid.

Cape Florida, Key Biscayne

This one’s for real.
(…and the time stamp was on purpose.)

This one’s for real.

(…and the time stamp was on purpose.)

Hey ! Incubus México is joins the massive event "Incufest". Check our page on Facebook facebook/IncubusMX we have quoted your post so that people of México join the cause. Greetings!

Haha, I haven’t seen anything of mine translated into Spanish since I was married to a Cuban! Muchas gracias for supporting #Incufest! “See” you on Twitter in a couple of days. ♥☀

INCUFEST: Summer Solstice 2013

What is Incufest?

Incufest is a virtual festival in celebration of all things related to the band Incubus.

When does Incufest begin?

The summer solstice edition of Incufest begins at 11 a.m. Eastern Daylight Time (New York time) on Friday, June 21, 2013 in celebration of Mike Einziger’s birthday.

The party continues with a Brandon Boyd Mini-Fest beginning Tuesday, June 25 with the release of Sons of the Sea, and continuing through Friday, June 28, when Brandon will appear on the Renman Live webcast.

How do I attend Incufest?

Incufest will be happening primarily on Twitter. To take part, all you have to do is tweet about Incubus, and be sure to include the hashtag #Incufest in all of your tweets. Then, you can use Twitter’s search engine (or other Twitter search tool or app) to search for the hashtag to see what everyone is tweeting. As long as you remember to use the hashtag, your tweets will become part of the global conversation!

We expect attendees from all around the world, so most people will be popping in and out as their work, school, and sleep schedules permit. Here’s a handy time zone converter for those who live in other areas.

Do I have to be following the other people at Incufest to see their tweets?

No. By using a Twitter search tool to search for the hashtag #Incufest, you’ll be able to see all the tweets that contain this hashtag, even if they’re coming from people you’re not following.

Who is organizing Incufest? Is anyone in Incubus involved?

Incufest is being organized entirely by fans from several countries around the world. No one associated with the band is involved, but we hope some of them will stop by! During our previous Incufest, Brandon Boyd, Ben Kenney, DJ Kilmore, and Steve Rennie dropped in to say hi, and we hope they’ll visit us this time as well.

What can I do to get ready for Incufest?

● Add a “Twibbon” to your Twitter profile picture.
● Tell your friends about Incufest!
● Tweet the band:

      ● Brandon Boyd: @mybrandonboyd
      ● Mike Einziger: @MichaelEinziger
      ● José Pasillas: @JoseAPasillasII
      ● Ben Kenney: @vatoben
      ● DJ Kilmore: @DJKilmore
      ● Incubus: @IncubusBand
      ● Steve Rennie: @Renman1 or @renmanmb

♥ REMEMBER to include the hashtag #Incufest in all your tweets!

Enough with the happy songs. Time for some rage.

Not to belabor the point, but I’ve received a few messages like the one below, so I thought I’d try to answer them all at once.

"…I saw that you posted about having some difficulty getting on board with Where All the Songs Come From, and it seems like you’ve been trying hard to like it, but can’t."

I actually do like the song very much. In fact, I’ll go so far as to say it has already become one of my top three favorite happy songs of all time (the first two being My Cherie Amour by Stevie Wonder and Love Comes to Everyone by George Harrison). But I read what the author said about it, and assuming I’m interpreting it correctly, I guess what’s still gnawing at me is the suggestion that all you have to do to get to that place where all the songs come from is to move just a little bit outside of your comfort zone and then everything will just suddenly, magically rez. It can’t be that easy, and perhaps he’s not saying it is, but for some of us it’s just not even possible. Then there’s the recent mention of “halcyon days,” and “enough time,” and other ideas that don’t mean all that much when your halcyon days are already over. Which is, of course, in no way his fault. I guess I’m just taking it out on him because he happens to be in my line of fire at the moment, the unlucky son-of-a-gun. He’ll survive it, though.

Keep looking at me like that and there’s going to be trouble.

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