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30 day Incubus challenge

Day 19: Who would you like Incubus to tour with?

I was going to say 311, who I saw in concert last month, but then I saw My Morning Jacket and was totally blown away. It might not seem like a logical pairing, but these guys are almost as amazing on stage as Incubus. In fact, they do have one thing over Incubus: the good sense to come to south Florida in the winter when the weather is nice here. The members of Incubus, poor dears, were here in September when it couldn’t have been more humid and uncomfortable. (Brandon Boyd’s post-show tweet described it as “gross but really fun.” I think he was being polite.) Hey, Incubus - next time, try to get down here during the first week of December, will you? Instead of catching colds, you can catch Art Basel.

(Video: Awesome instrumental excerpt from My Morning Jacket concert in Boca Raton, Florida, December 10, 2011)