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Peace, love, and Incubus

Having just read this post from someone who attended the Incubus concert in Auckland today (or yesterday, I guess, if you live on my side of the International Date Line), I’m reminded to blog about an incident that occurred at last September’s Miami show. The Auckland post describes a fair amount of pushing and punching and general aggressiveness among the crowd. Can someone please tell me what is up with that? I don’t know about Auckland, but in Miami, and in other cities on the tour (this is someone’s video from Chicago), the encore was Tomorrow’s Food, accompanied by a montage of film clips with images of hearts beating, plants growing, Gandhi, Martin Luther King, birth, death, the cosmos, and other cycle-of-life kind of stuff. Evidently, though, not everyone gets the message. When the Miami concert ended and we were all filing out of the venue, a couple of guys carrying the flag of a Latin American country (I’m not sure which one), started whooping it up in Spanish about some soccer game they’d just won. They were very cheerful and not bothering anyone. But this being uptight Miami, a city with a lot of tension between the Latin and Anglo communities (and within those groups as well), some Anglo guy (who had no doubt been drinking) just had to start shouting “This is America - why don’t you go back to where you came from,” or something along those lines. The scene quickly deteriorated, and though it didn’t come to blows, it bummed out everyone within earshot who, until that moment, had still been in the throes of the Incubus-induced warm fuzzies. Call me a hippie, but I just don’t understand these Incubus fans who don’t seem to get what Incubus is about. The band has its own philanthropic foundation, they align themselves with organizations that promote charity and sustainability, and they show film clips of Gandhi at their concerts, for heaven’s sake. Why can’t we all just get along?