My Vicky Life


It is hard to determine why some people cause us to react in certain ways. Baelyn I can say from experience makes a person face what is lacking in their own life. She has helped me face my own demons with food, and health. She has also helped me to learn a new way of communication that is more sensitive while always giving myself space to be a powerful woman. She has taught me that I have a right to expect respect from those around me as long as I give it at all times. Nothing wrong w/love

I’m so glad to hear from you, and was hoping you’d respond. I know how much you admire Baelyn, and that was the very reason I hesitated to blog about her at first. Truly, the last thing I ever want to do is offend anyone, especially since I’m old enough to remember the hard time everyone gave Yoko Ono for being “the girlfriend” back in the day, and how badly we all felt about it later. It all comes out of jealousy, and regret, and you’re right – having to face what is lacking in one’s own life. Obviously, I am struggling with many demons of my own right now, which is the whole point of this blog, frivolous though it may seem most of the time. It’s just that, when you get to this kind of strange place in your life, you start looking at yourself, and at other people, and wondering what makes them happy, and if they know something you can latch onto to make yourself feel better. Sometimes you might find something useful, but other times you catch an idea and consider it for a while, but then you have to toss it back. All I meant to say in my post about Baelyn is that, for me, spirituality is one of those things I always end up tossing back. So many people find so much strength and comfort in it, but it just doesn’t speak to me, and I find it curious that some of the things Brandon Boyd talks about (not all, by any means, but some) speak to me on such a profound level, but I just can’t seem to relate to Baelyn’s take on many things. I certainly meant no disrespect, though, and welcome other views. I’m actually encouraged if anything I write sparks any kind of dialogue. My only regret now is perpetuating the rumor that she is pregnant, because I have absolutely no information on that. I was just repeating something I heard, a mistake I won’t make again.