My Vicky Life


The illustrations are so wonderful. Now let me tell you a very amazing story. When Baelyn was 5 years old.. we watched the Elepahnt Man. She was wondering why people treated him so terrible. She thought he was the most beautiful person she had ever seen. I told her that beauty was nothing unless it was celebrated within. The reason he was beautiful to her was because of his goodness. I told her always to remember that her beauty was a gift that formed through goodness, kindness, & love.

Ah, but I would respectfully suggest that this idea is a whole lot easier to subscribe to when you truly do meet our society’s criteria for beautiful – when you’re thin and blonde and proportional and symmetrical. For the rest of us, it can be a bit more challenging to accept. True, outer beauty can shine less brightly if it isn’t matched by what’s inside, and it’s also true that there are some extraordinary people (such as Baelyn, as you’ve pointed out) who can see beyond a flawed exterior and recognize the beauty within. But unfortunately, those people are few and far between. Those of us who were not gifted with aesthetic beauty know too well that, most of the time, no matter how good our hearts may be, it sure does help if you also have a pretty face.