My Vicky Life


PS I believe that we shall disagree on this topic. I am truly sorry that what you think of as beautiful offends you if it is female, but if it is male then you celebrate it. It is all the same. Find your male mirror image, celebrate that, and find the true beauty that is you... Love

Oh, goodness, please don’t get me wrong. Granted, I have many hang-ups, but this one is truly not a male/female thing. It’s odd when you become enamored with celebrities, especially those who express themselves artistically. You think you know them, but you really don’t. So this, of course, is total speculation on my part, because I obviously don’t know Brandon Boyd personally, but I think what I find interesting, and what enables me to relate to him more, is that I sense a streak of anger and frustration in his work, even though so much of it is so very positive. If this is indeed true about him, it might speak to what I think you’re also saying, that even those blessed with physical beauty (regardless of gender) face their own particular challenges because of it, or in spite of it, and it doesn’t do anyone any good to be jealous. I do agree with that, and I do appreciate your responses. I hope you don’t mind that I’ve published them rather than answering you privately. It’s an interesting discussion, and I think (or at least I hope) there may be others who find it so as well.