My Vicky Life


Wait - Modest Mouse is going to be at Firefly too? Could this festival (for which I just got my very high-tech wristband) possibly get any more awesome? This is why I’m so frustrated, because after ten years of normal, a chronic illness has suddenly reared its pesky head again, and I can’t really walk or stand for any length of time. Worst of all, I was so proud of myself back in May when I saw Incubus and had to stand up for hours. I had to laugh, because all the young people around me were groaning, “oh my back, oh my legs,” and I said to them, “hey, I’m at least twice your age - if I can do this, you can!” Hopefully, those days are not over for me. I won’t be better in time for Firefly, but I’m still going, dammit, and will do the best I can. I mean, Jack White, the Black Keys, the Flaming Lips, Cake, the Killers, Awolnation, Young the Giant, Death Cab for Cutie, AND Modest Mouse? Even if you had to hobble, wouldn’t you go anyway?