My Vicky Life


Firefly meetup?

(Sorry, Browncoats, I mean the other Firefly.)

If anyone wants to meet up at the Firefly Festival this weekend, just look for someone who is probably around your parents’ age, either hobbling around with a cane, or on crutches, or just limping if I’m having a good day. (Now you really want to meet me, don’t you?)

Just my luck a chronic illness chose this of all months to come out of remission, but eff-it, I’m going anyway. A specialist could have shot me up with some hellacious (but effective) meds by now, but somehow the "but I have to go see Jack White" excuse wasn’t considered enough of an emergency. Can you believe that?

Meanwhile, people are starting to post their “must see” lists, so here’s mine:

Friday - Jack White
Saturday - Cake, Modest Mouse
Sunday - Awolnation, The Flaming Lips, The Black Keys

I’ll be happy with that, if I can manage it. My “B” list includes The Killers, Grouplove, Death Cab for Cutie, The Wallflowers, Walk the Moon, Imagine Dragons, and Young the Giant - and before you Young the Giant fans start giving me a hard time for not putting them on my “A” list (like you did a few weeks ago when I described them as “kinda” cute instead of “hella” cute) the only reason is because I’ve already seen them once. I do plan to make every effort to catch them again, though, and as a sign of good faith, here’s a hella sexy screenshot: