My Vicky Life


Incubus - If Not Now, When? (excerpt)
Alpharetta, Georgia, August 19, 2012

Obviously, I failed to get my act together early enough to get a closer view of the stage, but sometimes hanging back and being able to see the big picture can be a good thing. Unless, as is usually my experience, the world’s tallest person is right in front of you. I managed to dodge him for a bit, but as you’ll see, just as you’re really getting into the zen of this song, as if on cue (“…stand up and face the bright light”), he stood up (white hat) and went off somewhere. At first I feared it had ruined the video, but then it kind of cracked me up. I totally forgave him, because, you know, Incubus can have that warm fuzzy effect on me. It also didn’t hurt that he stayed gone until Linkin Park.