My Vicky Life


Incubus - Need You Tonight (impromptu)
Alpharetta, Georgia, August 19, 2012

My dearest Incufans, I swear to you, the first time ever I saw the face of Brandon Boyd, my exact words were, "this dude is the hottest thing since Michael Hutchence." If you’ve never heard of the late Michael Hutchence, he was the lead singer of INXS, and the guy who inhabited the fantasies of anyone who was paying attention and had a pulse back in the late 80s. Imagine, then, the frenzy I went into when I suddenly heard the words "slide over here" come sliding out of Brandon Boyd’s mouth last Sunday night. I could barely process what was happening, and the prospect of Incubus actually taking Brandon’s seemingly impromptu suggestion that they “should totally learn that song” is still making my head spin. Here’s the clip I managed to get (it’s a miracle my camera was on and pointed in the right direction), and for your further viewing pleasure, here’s a link to the original Need You Tonight by INXS. Granted, it’s very 80s, but still, you might want to turn your A/C down a notch or two. It’s likely to get a little warm.