My Vicky Life


hi i saw Incubus for the second time yesterday & i cried at the end of 'Tomorrows food' i wasnt expecting to cry,i have never really thought about that song. But i heard it & i saw the video that the screen plays while the band plays the song & i cried because i thought it was so beautiful and i felt like i understood the lyrics. I also cried because Brandon looked so happy & i just remembered that they will be going on hiatus and i was just really happy to be there just in case i never get to s


Sweetie, your message got cut off, but I think I get the gist. Yes, Tomorrow’s Food does have that effect on some people, but unfortunately, not everyone gets it. I blogged about that a while back, because of something that happened after the Miami concert last year. As for being brought to tears, I have to say that, although Incubus is pretty much the only band I’d go out of my way to see as many times as I possibly can, so far I haven’t actually cried at any of their shows. The only time I’ve ever been so moved at a concert (and believe me, I’ve been to many of them), was last December when I saw My Morning Jacket. I can’t tell you what it was about Carl Broemel’s guitar solo at the end of the song Circuital that affected me so, and I wasn’t even that big a fan of theirs at the time, but I guess it must have been a combination of several things, and that’s what we go to concerts for anyway, right? The emotional experience of being right there in the moment. So I’m very glad you got to see Incubus again before their hiatus. I’m optimistic that we will both see them again some day. ♥