My Vicky Life


Another 30 day music challenge

7. Can you play any instruments? Sadly, no. When I was a teenager, my sister worked for the dean of the school of music at Yale. One day, the Tokyo String Quartet came to Yale to give a performance, and I got to meet them. When we were introduced, they mistook me for one of the music school students and said, “Oh, hello, what do you play?” It was highly embarrassing. I answered, “The radio.” I don’t think they got it.

8. Which band would you give anything to see? I don’t know that I’d “give anything,” but I’ve never seen the Foo Fighters and would like to very much. And I wouldn’t mind seeing Incubus again. And again. And again…

9. Have you got any music hoodies, T-shirts, wristbands etc…? So far I have two Incubus shirts. I also have my high-tech Firefly Music Festival wristband, which I blogged about a few months back.

10. Five photos of your favorite gig. I’m taking “gig” to mean concert, right? My favorite concert will always be the first time I saw Incubus, which was here in Miami last year, but unfortunately I didn’t have a very good view, and I’m not that great a photographer. Here, though, are the two best pictures I think I’ve ever taken at a concert, and they both happened completely by accident.

11. Favorite song at this minute? This very minute? Maybe Freedom at 21 by Jack White.