My Vicky Life


Hey. I can only imagine that you're talking about that guy that you once wrote about on your blog. I just wanted to tell you what you probably already know but I just figured it would help somehow. If you were uncomfortable with his choice in blog content then that is perfectly fine. If it freaked you out then that is fine as well. Maybe you're just missing the idea of what could have been and not really him. Idk. But take your time with it. You'll be fine. there are others out there.


Your kindness and encouragement are making me weep. I am indeed freaked out, especially since this whole episode is yet another in a series of bizarre and mind-bending things that have happened to me this year. I’m hopeful I’ll get over it eventually, but not the least bit hopeful that there are others out there. My standards are way too high, my self-confidence is way too low, and time isn’t exactly on my side. But I am so moved by your message and I thank you for it from the bottom of my heart.