My Vicky Life


So what are your fave incubus blogs? :)

Wow, there are so many. Lately my favorite has been couldyoushowmedear, but there’s also ourincubus, foreverincubus, fuckyeahincubus, incubus-fan4, whyincubus, enjoy-incubus, earthtobrandon, brandonboyd, zzbrandonboyd, brandonboydfuckyeah, morningrenades, seducingmikeeinziger, franimar, undiscovered-ocean, and joyinspiredsoul. I know I’m forgetting some other really good ones, so I hope their authors will forgive me. Who have I missed?

Update, December 16: Here are a few more: incubusaddicted, strangerinanemptyspace, greenwildeyesforever, ohmybrandonboyd, inthecompanyofincubus, and anomalija-incubusic (especially if you also like 30 Seconds to Mars)

Update, January 23, 2013: Another one: areyouincubus