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You know that post that "varos123" sent. Well varos123 is baelyns mom. Her mom wrote to you


Yes, I know. Someone tipped me off right after I got that first message. I was embarrassed at first, but I believe I apologized sufficiently, especially since I really don’t think I had said anything all that terrible about Baelyn. Certainly not anything as bad as I’ve seen other people write. All I really did was disagree, which I have the right to do. I do admit that the post that started the whole episode back in June could have been a little less sarcastic and irresponsible, but celebrities (although they do have feelings) have got to expect some unflattering reviews every now and then. I guess it’s more difficult for celebrity moms. Anyway, if anyone’s interested (and at the risk of re-opening that whole can of worms), here’s a link to the entire conversation. You be the judge. If nothing else, it was an eye-opening example of how close social media lets you get to these people.