My Vicky Life


Haha…as you know, I don’t post a lot of Pearl Jam, but my boss and a few of my colleagues have been sending emails back and forth today because of a memo that’s just come down from on high. There’s one word in it, which, for reasons I won’t bore you with, has really gotten under our skin: “Vetting.”  We’re so pissed off about it, and so many strongly worded messages about “vetting” are flying all over the place, that someone finally felt the need to break the tension by sending around a picture of Eddie “Vedder.” To which I replied, “Yeah, but we all know what he’s best at, don’t we? Jumping off of things. So don’t tempt me, because I’m too close to the edge as it is.” So then my boss sent around this video and said that Eddie Vedder is one of his favorite singers (who knew?) Anyway, it cheered me up. Nothing like a little music to soothe the savage breast around here.