My Vicky Life


About this problem you're having with this "friend" If I were you I will walk away. I was once in a similar situation and lets just say it did not end well. I say keep walking and don't look back. He will not change and you will never understand even when you try. Just for curiosity where can I find his blog? I hope I was able to help. Happy New Year


It’s possible the decision to take your advice will be made for me, since I messaged him about my current distress and haven’t heard from him since. The reason it’s difficult to walk away is because we were friends for more than a year before I even knew about his blog. For all I know, there may be other people in my life with preferences similar to his, and if I start judging them on what they like to do with consenting partners in the privacy of their own bedrooms (or dungeons, as the case may be), I fear I might end up with few friends left. Anyway, I’m sorry your situation didn’t end well, but you seem to be free of it now, and I hope the new year brings you many good things. Given what you’ve said, though, I’m a little confused by your interest in his blog. You’ll have to forgive me for hesitating to point to it. Even if I have trouble with its content, I feel like I have to respect its anonymity. As you well know, here on Tumblr, there’s nothing more precious than that.