My Vicky Life

Jan 1

Forgive me, kinksters

I’m coming along. Really. The other day I’d reached a crisis in my struggle to understand my friend and his BDSM blog. I asked for help. A few of you answered. It seems I ruffled a few feathers, which I hope you now realize was not my intent. I was pretty sure, though, that I’d finally managed to alienate my friend for good. Not so, to my surprise. He called, he came over, we went through his blog, picture by picture, gif by gif, and he patiently explained. I cried a lot. There are things I still can’t comprehend. So, I’m moving this topic to a new blog of my own, where I hope you’ll continue to offer your advice. I’m not going to link to it. You’ll find it by its tags. Its other purpose is to relieve my followers here from having to put up with my bullshit sex hang-ups. I beg these people’s forgiveness as well, and promise to get back to the music.