My Vicky Life

Jan 1

This is your blog, not your followers, feel free to post or express anything in it you choose. But since you are moving this to another blog I will respect that and not post anything else on this subject of your friend here on. Just a teeny general note. I hope you may find it in your heart to still love and cherish this friend despite his kinks. Nobody is our version of perfect and if you care about him as much as you've expressed then I wouldn't cut him off. That's all. Namaste.


Anonymous, you are the best. Since your message is as much about friendship as anything else, it’s not out of place here. I do still love him, maybe now more than ever, and I hope he won’t give up on me now that I’m finally starting to understand him better, and to discover some surprising things about myself as well. Actually, I’ve already kind of put that other blog on hold. I think I’ve been doing way too much talking and thinking, and even though I still have many questions, it’s time just to breathe for a bit. Let’s see what the new year brings. ♥