My Vicky Life


so whatever happen to your "friend"? Are you still friends?


My dear Anonymous, I think so. But even if the “issues” I’ve blogged about didn’t exist and he and I were perfectly compatible, it’s unrealistic to think there could be anything serious between us. He just started a new life in another city, and in spite of the unfamiliar surroundings, I presume he knows how to find women who share more of his preferences than I do. I can only imagine he’s done so already, and that’s as it should be.

My one incentive to try to stay on his radar is that what little we’ve shared that some would consider “normal” was about a thousand times better for me than it has ever been with anyone else. Even the parts that weren’t really “my thing” weren’t entirely un-enjoyable, simply because it was his voice in my ear and his kisses afterwards. With anyone else I’m sure I would have completely lost my mind.

I do still struggle with the images on his blog, and I’m trying not to look at them so much. I text him every now and then, and he always sends a sweet reply, but other than that I don’t hear from him. So all I can do is wait until the next time he’s in town and see what, if anything, happens then. I suppose if I were still on Facebook I’d have some idea of when that might be, but I honestly think I’d rather not know.

I have to say I was surprised by your interest, and I thank you for it. ♥