My Vicky Life


URGENT message to my darling young Incufollowers, many of whom I know are in high school or college. Today in the library I was helping a group of college students who are researching Devils Tower National Monument. Most of them weren’t familiar with what or where it is (it’s in Wyoming, by they way), so I asked if they’d ever seen the movie Close Encounters of the Third Kind. No one, not one person, said yes. The greatest sci fi movie of all time, and none of these students had ever even heard of it, let alone seen it. I was shocked. If you’ve seen it, you know that the aliens land at Devils Tower, and communicate with humans using a sequence of five musical tones. I suddenly went into a secret panic, thinking that if these college students are any indication, then perhaps some of my fellow Incubus fans on Tumblr aren’t making the psychic connection between the tonal language the aliens teach us to sing in Close Encounters and the chanting sounds that Incubus sometimes uses to begin their live shows (you can hear it on the Look Alive CD). So the second I got home I went through my raw footage of last summer’s Atlanta concert and found the countdown to the beginning of the show, which combines the frogs from Aqueous Transmission with the chanting from the movie. I edited out all but a few seconds of it (but then let it roll through the opening number, Adolescents). Here it is, and here’s the corresponding scene from Close Encounters. Your assignment for this weekend, my dears, is to rent this movie (or borrow it from your public library) and watch it. Consider that an order from your Auntie Incubus. (There will not be a quiz.)

By the way, when I failed to hide my consternation today, one of the students pointed out that the reason they’d never heard of Close Encounters is because it’s “before our time.” Irrelevant. Citizen Kane was before my time, but I’ve seen it (and I hope you have, too). Anyway, my response was, “Look, I see you kids on campus all the time, and the only band shirts I ever see you in are Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd. Both before your time.” To which another student replied, “Yeah, but that’s different - it’s music.” Really? Okay. I learned something, which is why I love my students. I love you, too, so I’m sorry if this post sounds like it’s coming from your parents or teachers (or worse, your librarians). I never want to be like that here, but it’s Incubus lore we’re talking about, so I know you’ll understand. ♥