My Vicky Life


I just read your 'About me'; I find your approach very interesting. I'm puertorican (born, raised, still live here) and I love music from every decade and every culture. I'm big on Salsa naturally and my favorite genre is Progressive Rock for sure.

Thank you. You might be interested in some of the music written by my ex-husband, who is from Cuba. One of his songs, Como Hay Gente en la Calle, has been recorded by Gilberto Santa Rosa and Albita (I prefer Albita’s version). You can hear a few more of his songs here, and a couple of others on my YouTube channel. If you like funky stuff, you might like his cousin’s band Palo. We all live in Miami, and although I don’t speak Spanish, I’m obviously no stranger to Puerto Rican, Cuban, and other Latin American cultures.

As for progressive rock, I like Yes a lot, but I have to say I’ve seen them live a couple of times (once with Rick Wakeman), and although they were good, I wouldn’t say they are a great live band in the way Incubus is. I do think Incubus has clearly been influenced by them, though, and I love it when I hear similarities in their work.