My Vicky Life


Hi! I was wondering, you went to firefly last year right? How bad was it to be camping in the backwoods?

Sadly, I’ve never been much of a backwoods camper, so I have to confess I stayed in a motel about a half-hour away from the festival and drove there each day. I don’t know if people were actually camping in the woods - I guess they were, but the only campers I saw had pitched their tents along an embankment on the side of the road, and also there was a huge parking lot full of people who were camping alongside their cars and RVs. I can’t tell you what their experience was like, but I can tell you that at the festival itself, everyone seemed pretty happy. I do think, though, that the weather had a lot to do with that. It rained a bit on the first day, but it was very pleasant the rest of the time. I think if it had been brutally hot, the mood might have been a bit different. The festival organizers had planned ahead for that possibility, though, and had set up air-conditioned tents you could drop into if you needed a break from the heat during the day. They also had water stations where you could go to fill up your water bottles.

I do hope you can make it to this year’s festival. If I were young and not handicapped I would definitely try to camp. I never did things like that when I was young, and now I regret it. Have fun!!!!!!! ♥