My Vicky Life


I don't understand how someone who can be so negative towards a person she claims to admire, Brandon Boyd, so much of the time, feels like she can be a gatherer of Incufans? I see your Twitter, read your blog. I've zero qualms w/your thoughts and/or feelings, they're your own &, as such, are completely valid & you should feel no hesitation in sharing them. But do you understand that more than a few in the Incubus community are a bit tired of reading u bash one min & then doing Incufest the next?


(cont’d) “Oh, and per my last ask, I’m not even remotely saying that you must LOVE or even like everything Brandon, Incubus, or the other members individually, create. I certainly am not a huge fan of Fungus or other things done individually & collectively by the band. BUT, I don’t bash it fairly routinely, nor do I get personal, as I’ve read you do. I express my negative feelings, when I have them, with respect for the places they’re in & the places I’m in at the time. I don’t sense that respect from you”

Fair enough, although I wouldn’t exactly call it bashing, just questioning. Anyway, you’ll be glad to know I’m getting tired of it, too.