My Vicky Life

Jul 8

Y would I appreciate ur restraint? U rather missed my pt. Vent! Review the album! Ppl r reading b/t the lines already & know u hate it & that ur resenting more & more that he & his love r at a place in their life you will likely never b. Yes I got personal, because it IS that for you 2. It's not just the music u hate (which would b perfectly fine & respected, but it's not), it's the wellspring in him that brought forth that music that u r seething at. THAT is ridiculous & why I say ur not a true


(cont’d) “fan of him or his work & not any1 to try & ‘gather’ Incubus fans. What fans love about the band & the guys is their diversity - musically, spiritually, etc. Not every1 was happy about Ben, but those who RESPECT gave him a shot & majority loves him now. Those saying “Bring back Dirk!” sound like stuck-in-the-past douches & not tru fans who can evolve or RESPECT, c where I’m going w/this? Do what B did w/SOS, show ur TRUE self & let ppl decide if they stay, I doubt many will & isn’t that y don’t?”

I declared this blog dead a couple of weeks ago, but I’m posting your message because I think it deserves to be seen. I believe it is in response to something I tweeted. Thank you for your comments, but I’m no longer posting my thoughts here.