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Jun 2

I think maybe I need to stop doing this. I’ll keep one ear open, but I might be quiet for awhile. Or not. I’ll have to see. Anyway, I’ll be around for our Twitter party for Mike on the 21st.

Dec 9

"…out of time, out of mind."

Writing and Jamming

I’m re-blogging this not only because I love Incubus, but because I work with college students who need help with their research papers. I don’t know if any of them read my tumblr, but this is excellent advice:


Re-writing/editing my paper for my intro to scientific writing class….. while jamming to some Incubus. Their most recent album is so chill and keeps me motivated. The album “If not now, when?” by Incubus is definitely more on the chill side compared to their other albums. Earlier, I was listening to Enjoy Incubus and it just kept me hype. Didn’t concentrate too much. But with “If not now, when?” I was done in no time!