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Audioslave - Like A Stone

Chris Cornell

Chris Cornell

Last night I went to see Chris Cornell at the Fillmore Miami Beach. The management was really strict about taking pictures and video. Some people got away with it. I didn’t even try, since I always get busted, but I did get some scratchy audio, which is possibly just as infringing, so I’m posting only a small portion of one of my favorite performances of the evening: As Hope and Promise Fade.

I have to say I was a bit skeptical about seeing this show, since I thought my “solo acoustic” concert-going days were over (I’ve been requiring louder, edgier fare of late), and I don’t know that much about Chris Cornell’s work after Soundgarden. Now, though, I have a new respect for him, since it’s no small feat to go out there alone for two hours with nothing but a few guitars and make it interesting even to those who aren’t hard-core devotees. He’s got what it takes, though, and was even gracious enough to step aside while allowing a young fan to get up on stage to propose to his pregnant girlfriend in the audience. It was, to quote Chris, “very sweet,” and as down as I am on marriage, I have to hope these kids make it just so they can tell the story to their grandchildren someday.

Anyway, I’m very glad I went, and as if spending an evening in the presence of one extremely sexy charismatic musician per week isn’t enough, in a few days I’ll be breathing the same air as Brandon Boyd and the rest of Incubus. I hope I have the strength.