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Wayne Coyne of The Flaming Lips demonstrates a better way to crowdsurf at Firefly - in a giant inflatable bubble. Not bad for a guy older than I am.

The Flaming Lips pulled out all the psychedelic stops for Race For The Prize, their opening number at Firefly.

The Flaming Lips at Firefly.

Death Cab For Cutie at Firefly 2012 - I Will Possess Your Heart & Grapevine Fires (excerpts)

A bit shaky, both the video and Ben Gibbard, who confessed he was high on DayQuil, poor dear. I think he managed pretty well, though. 

Death Cab For Cutie at Firefly.

Campers at Firefly.

Awolnation at Firefly 2012 - Knights of Shame (excerpts)

More crazy crowdsurfers. Ah, youth.

Aaron Bruno said he wanted to see lots of ladies crowdsurfing during this number, and he sure got his wish. I’d escaped to higher ground by that point in Awolnation's show at Firefly, the better to see all the girls gone wild. I don’t even know what song this is, but it rocks. Anyone?

Awolnation at Firefly 2012 - Kill Your Heroes

A little blurry in spots, but too much fun not to post.

Awolnation at Firefly 2012 - Guilty Filthy Soul (brief clip)

Another potentially awesome video, shot from close enough to read the tattoos, but cut tragically short due to fear of approaching crowdsurfers.

Awolnation at Firefly 2012 - People

I wasn’t kidding about that crowdsurfing during Awolnation's show at Firefly, and I’ve got the bruises to show for it. This might have been the one that finally compelled me to flee for my very life. 

OMG, Awolnation! I have lots to share with you from their crazy show at Firefly. As you can see, I managed to get a spot down in front, but I couldn’t stay there for long. Inflatable dolphins I can handle, but then the crowdsurfers started coming - right over my head. And it didn’t stop, especially since Aaron Bruno (who is a total nutcase, by the way), kept encouraging everyone, and at one point jumped into the crowd himself. By that time I’d retreated to the ADA platform out of sheer terror. Video in a sec…

The Killers at Firefly 2012 - All These Things That I’ve Done

It wouldn’t be a concert without my camera dying just before the end of the most spectacular number. Plus, like a jerk, I zoomed in instead of out when the fireworks went off, so you’ll have to take my word for it that there were fireworks. As you’ll see, though, there was enough happening on stage to make up for it.

The Killers were a lot more slick and mainstream than I thought they’d be, and I hadn’t expected Brandon Flowers to be such an energetic showman. Here he is workin’ that Firefly stage with Mr. Brightside.