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Dec 9

"…we both know that I’ll never change."

Dec 8

can you picture Amy Lee and Brandon Boyd together? or would that be an odd pairing?


Sure, why not? But I’ll make you a counter-proposal: Lizzy Hale. Maybe it’s because I’m so angry these days, and I’m projecting it onto Brandon, but I really think that deep down he’s angry too. I don’t know the man, but I hear it in his music, even the newer stuff, which I think is exactly why I’m so drawn to it. I just wonder if someone really earthy, someone with an edge, could help him work through whatever’s truly in there. On the other hand, maybe he’s better off with the wispy, ethereal little girlfriend he’s got. Maybe she calms him, and that’s what he needs. I don’t know. I’m hardly a head-shrinker, and he’ll do what he wants. Maybe I’m wrong about all of these people. All I know is, as long as there’s talent involved, the greater the angst, the better the music. Not that I wish angst on anyone, but you know, that’s show-biz.

Halestorm - Love/Hate Heartbreak