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Aug 1
Cheating the Impossible: Wire-Walker Philippe Petit on Education, Creativity, and Patience
(via @brainpicker)

Cheating the Impossible: Wire-Walker Philippe Petit on Education, Creativity, and Patience

(via @brainpicker)

If I am not for myself, who will be for me? If I am only for myself, what am I? And, if not now, when?

- Hillel the Elder (Babylonian philosopher, 1st century B.C.) 

Today is the first anniversary of If Not Now, When?, and I’m guessing most Incubus fans know that the guy on the cover is Philippe Petit, who walked on a tightrope between the two towers of the World Trade Center back in the 70s. What I’m hoping you also know is that there’s a really interesting movie about him called Man on Wire. Watch it if you can.

Incubus - If Not Now, When? (full album)

Really? Today is the first anniversary of INNW? Coincidentally, I already posted something from this album today. So for this post, I’ll tell you what I think about every time I hear it. Last August, some friends convinced me to go with them on a cruise - not something I’d ever had a burning desire to do, but I went with them anyway. Our stateroom was freezing cold, so every night I slept out on the balcony, and when I woke up early each morning, when it was still dark, there was nothing but sea and stars and Orion right up in my face - in August (usually I have to wait until December to see it). It was the awesomest thing ever. Then as soon as the sun came up each day, when my friends were still asleep, I went to the gym on the ship and walked for an hour on the treadmill, listening to INNW on my iPod and looking out a huge panoramic window at the ocean. All the more precious a memory to me now that I’m not walking so well anymore. Earlier today I made reference to Warning ("don’t ever let life pass you by"), which is kind of the same idea as "if not now, when?" An idea worth repeating.

Auntie Incubus Goes on Another Rant

In partial compliance with yesterday’s brilliant Incubus All Day directive, I did something I hadn’t done in quite a while - listened to If Not Now When in its entirety. Although I’d encourage the S.C.I.E.N.C.E. devotees and other scoffers to take another listen and let this album grow on you, it does indeed contain my least favorite Incubus lyric. I didn’t think I had a least favorite, but suddenly there it was, not surprisingly, smack in the middle of Friends and Lovers:

"What’s wrong with you is good for what’s wrong with me."

Actually, this is just wrong all around. We get fed all this bullshit about how entering into a committed relationship provides you with a “helpmate,” but in reality, you don’t get someone to help you with your problems - what you get is double your problems. All of yours, plus all of your friend/lover’s. And your friend/lover gets the same. What’s even worse is the bullshit about how relationships require “compromise.” Listen. There’s no such thing as compromise in a relationship. Only sacrifice. When a decision has to be made, and there’s disagreement (think Isadore), one person sacrifices what they want, or else the other one does. Hopefully, it’s not always the same person.

My ex-husband and I were, and still are, best friends. We were together for a long time, and we always thought our friendship was precisely what was keeping us going when so many other people’s marriages were crumbling around us. In the end, we too became a statistic, because friendship isn’t enough, and love isn’t enough. Maybe all you need is luck. Here’s hoping yours is better than mine.

30 day Incubus challenge

Day 27: Your least favorite Incubus album.

"Least favorite" is a little harsh. I love the latest album - it’s just the one I’ve been listening to the least, probably because it seems to reflect a certain contentment, which is lovely, but it’s so not where I am at the moment. Until I get my post-divorce act together, I’ll be requiring the louder, edgier, angrier fare. Still, I can’t count myself among the fans who have complained that INNW is a little too pop-oriented. If Incubus has gone pop, it’s sure as hell the best pop out there.

30 day Incubus challenge

Day 11: Your favorite song from If Not Now, When?

In the Company of Wolves, because it tells a story, and it’s kind of scary and mysterious. The only other song I can think of that achieves anything like this is one that couldn’t be more different - Bobbie Gentry’s Ode to Billie Joe. In both songs, you know that something dramatic and life-changing (and possibly violent) has happened, but you never find out what it was, and you’re left to wonder all kinds of things. There’s a lot of storytelling in INNW - Wolves, Isadore, Promises Promises. I get the feeling that Brandon Boyd has a novel inside of him that’s trying to get out.

Writing and Jamming

I’m re-blogging this not only because I love Incubus, but because I work with college students who need help with their research papers. I don’t know if any of them read my tumblr, but this is excellent advice:


Re-writing/editing my paper for my intro to scientific writing class….. while jamming to some Incubus. Their most recent album is so chill and keeps me motivated. The album “If not now, when?” by Incubus is definitely more on the chill side compared to their other albums. Earlier, I was listening to Enjoy Incubus and it just kept me hype. Didn’t concentrate too much. But with “If not now, when?” I was done in no time!