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Jan 2

Sigh. Dan Auerbach and Jim James remind me so much of the friend I’m hung up on, I couldn’t help throwing in Mike Einziger for an auburn-headed cuties with beards appreciation post.

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Exactly one year ago last night I shot this video of My Morning Jacket in an amphitheater on the edge of the Everglades. I, who have seen live the likes of Jimmy Page, Eric Clapton, and of course, Michael Einziger, am here to tell you that Carl Broemel’s guitar solo in this video is the one and only thing that has ever moved me to tears at a concert. It’s fitting I should be remembering it now, since I’ve been doing pretty much nothing but crying for the past week or so, trying to get over that guy I’ve been boring you to death with lately. The one that reminds me so much of Jim James. Can someone please tell me how I’m supposed to resist such a great big hunk of auburn awesomeness? 

Yet another 30 day music challenge

Day 3: A song you would like people to listen to and think of you.

My Morning Jacket - Librarian

If I have to be thought of as a librarian (because I happen to be one), then let it be the kind of librarian desired by the likes of Jim James.

My auburn-haired friend, for whom I can’t help having the hots because he reminds me of these beauties, has his reasons for not joining our Incuhair Movement. He’s promised not to shave his beard, though - presumably in solidarity with us. His “Incubeard,” he’s calling it. Works for me.

Jul 8

I have a friend (on Tumblr and irl) who reminds me a little of Jim James from My Morning Jacket. I’d so love it if he’d consider joining our Incuhair Movement, so I’m re-posting this video I took of MMJ last year to give him an idea of how hot he’d look if he grew his hair long like Jim’s. (Not that he isn’t hot enough already.)

Watch the whole 2 minutes for some great hair-shaking action, plus a guitar solo by Carl Broemel that - well, you had to be there - but it moved me to tears. If you want to see a band that is almost as mind-blowing on stage as Incubus, this is the one.

Jun 9

I am not a photographer, by any stretch of the imagination. Photographers know how to make cool things happen. I just take pictures and wait for those occasional moments when cool things somehow happen on their own. So far, these two are my favorites. The blue one is especially meaningful to me, because my “good” camera wasn’t working that night and I was forced to use an iTouch. I was really upset about it until I saw this photo. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised by anything magical that comes out of an Incubus or MMJ show.

Jim James (My Morning Jacket), Boca Raton, December 10, 2011
Brandon Boyd (Incubus), Las Vegas, May 25, 2012

Jim James at last night’s My Morning Jacket concert in Boca Raton. Don’t know how I got this photo to come out this way, but it’s pretty cool.

Jim James at last night’s My Morning Jacket concert in Boca Raton. Don’t know how I got this photo to come out this way, but it’s pretty cool.

More from last night’s My Morning Jacket concert in Boca Raton. Here’s an excerpt from Circuital with an awesome guitar solo.

My Morning Jacket - Librarian

It was so much fun to be this close to Jim James at last night’s My Morning Jacket concert. At one point, I was able to look straight into his gorgeous eyes, and he so totally winked at me! Could he have sensed I’m a librarian? ;-)

(Source: Flickr / myvickylife / wdeanbyrd)

I’ve compared My Morning Jacket to Harry Nilsson on more than one occasion, but last night they rocked the Sunset Cove Amphitheater in Boca Raton sounding more like a mashup of Pink Floyd and The Who. Truthfully, though, they’re in a class by themselves, and I’m ranking these smokin’ hot performers second only to Incubus, and am surprising even myself by calling it a pretty close second.

I only managed to get short video clips, since I was too close to the security guards to risk recording too much at once. (I always seem to be the one who gets nailed for that, no matter how many other people are doing the same thing.) Here’s a stupendous instrumental excerpt from a song I couldn’t identify. Anyone?