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A few of us over on Twitter (including @sutakimu, @CaroloftheRogue, @FraniMarMoon, et al.) are discussing the Incubus song Pistola, and the frustrating “insert lyrics here” message printed in the ACLOTM liner notes. So I thought I’d run it up the Tumblr flagpole to solicit your thoughts on what in the hell Brandon Boyd is really saying in this song. Is this a part of Incubus lore that has already been resolved, or is it still a mystery? I watched several versions on YouTube and It sounds to me like he says the same thing in all performances, I just can’t figure out what it is. The only word I’m fairly certain of is “fear,” but I’m not convinced he’s saying, "I don’t need to fear you," which is how the lyrics websites have it. I wonder if it isn’t just an inside joke among the band members and a deliberate attempt to keep us guessing. Plus, the theme of the entire song is pretty much “write whatever you want,” so it seems to make sense to ask the audience to make their own meaning out of something unintelligible. If true, then it’s brilliant, really, if you ask me. Anyway, the whole discussion started with @sutakimu's question as to the most reliable online source for song lyrics. My personal feeling on that is not to trust any of the ones that include "damnit I need to collide" in the Rebel Girls lyrics. That’s just dumb. I believe it’s "them and I need to collide," which makes a whole lot more sense. Also, I kind of prefer the sites that don’t offer the songs as ringtones. Not that that’s necessarily a sign of reliability - I just like them better for some reason.

I think someone once wrote an entire book about misunderstood lyrics, one of the most famous examples being Purple Haze by Jimi Hendrix (“‘scuse me while I kiss this guy…”)  Anyone else have any good ones, or any insight into the Pistola puzzlement? The lines are open.

Sep 6

30 day music challenge

Day 1: A song you like with a color in the title.

Black Dog by Led Zeppelin, but there are tons of others. First, I think I should get bonus points for the ones by bands that have colors in their names too, like Nights in White Satin by The Moody Blues, Bad Luck Blue Eyes Goodbye by The Black Crowes, and Little Black Submarines by The Black Keys. And maybe also Sky Blue and Black by Jackson Browne - does that count? Here’s more:

Hmmm. Incubus, who hardly ever covers anyone, has covered TWO of these songs (Paint it Black and Black Hole Sun). Is it great minds thinking alike? :-)

Jul 4

Jimi Hendrix - The Star Spangled Banner (live at Woodstock, 1969)

It’s Independence Day here in the U.S., and since this is primarily a music-related blog, I feel compelled to go on a bit of a rant about our unfortunate choice of national anthem, The Star Spangled Banner. I seem to recall reading somewhere that Linda Ronstadt (who sang it at a baseball game back in the 70s) described it as “a turkey of a song,” and I have to agree. It’s not a bad poem, but it’s really hard to sing, most people can neither remember nor understand the lyrics, and it’s about a war. I guess I’m just one of those pinkos who’d much prefer something like Woody Guthrie’s This Land is Your Land. I’d even put in a vote for God Bless America (atheist that I am), because it’s just a better song, as is America the Beautiful. And I’m not alone in this. Every once in awhile, someone starts a campaign to have the national anthem changed, but it never goes anywhere. Maybe someday someone will be successful, but until then, if you have to listen, let it be the Jimi Hendrix version - the only one that nails it, in my humble opinion.