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Cake at Firefly 2012 - Sheep Go To Heaven (excerpt)

At the risk of getting myself into trouble with Cake fans…

I was really enjoying their set at Firefly until John McCrea starting saying something about how we should all put down our cameras and live in the moment. Not a bad sentiment at all, but I got the feeling that what he was really saying was, “don’t record my show.” If you think I’m overreacting, all I can say is that Cake and I are from the same generation - the one that tends to get all worked up over intellectual property. So I do sympathize with artists trying to protect their work, but remain convinced that a few shaky iPhone videos uploaded to YouTube can’t do that much harm. On the contrary, they probably help (I’m a librarian and could look up the hard data, but I’m sorry, I’m on vacation), so while I know that the smirk factor is precisely what makes Cake so beloved, I have to say I could’ve lived without that little speech.

I’d also like to point out that throughout the festival, yes, there were lots of phones taking lots of concert footage, but the rest of the time I was struck by how infrequently people seemed to be using their phones for other things. I can only think it meant that, without being told to, we were indeed living in the moment.

That said, stay tuned for video…

Cake - Love You Madly