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Jan 7

Well you guys, salsa is not my thing, so I don’t usually post this kind of music, but this guy, Gilberto Santa Rosa, is supposedly pretty famous in the Latin world, and he has just recorded this song that was written by my ex-husband, Pepín Rivero. This is the biggest break Pepín has had so far as a songwriter, and it’s not even anywhere near his best work. I’m so proud of him, so if you’re into salsa, please take a listen, and “like” it on YouTube if you’re so inclined. Here’s a playlist of demo recordings of a few more of Pepín’s songs (better ones, if you ask me).

Oct 2

30 day music challenge

Day 28: A song by an artist with a voice that you love. 

You thought it’d be Brandon Boyd, didn’t you? Well, of course I love him too, but if we’re talking strictly voices I have to go with Alejandro Sanz, a Spanish singer whose music was introduced to me by my Cuban guitarist ex-husband. I’m not that into Latin pop, but this song (Corazón Partio) has “hit” written all over it, and if you’ve got any amount of Spanish-speaking blood in you, you probably know it by heart. Maybe it’s because I don’t understand all the lyrics, but I just think this guy has the sexiest voice ever. And he’s not too hard on the eyes either.

Palo! - Crescencio

If you like Latin music, specifically Afro-Cuban funk, here’s the latest video by Palo!, starring my ex-husband's cousin, Leslie Cartaya, and some other friends.

Juan Luis Guerra y 440 - Amapola

Spanish honey.

Cuando Se Fue

Taking a break from Incubus for a few minutes to share another song written by my ex-husband, recorded the last time he visited his family in Cuba. The singer is his friend Raquelita, who also sings in this other video.

Oct 4

Cuando Pienso En Ti (When I Think of You)

…and speaking of Latin music, here’s a pretty song written by my Cuban ex-husband, performed by his cousin Leslie, the lead singer of Palo.

Oct 4


This is slightly off-topic, but if you like Latin music, check out this awesome Afro-Cuban funk band called Palo!, co-founded by my cousin’s brother-in-law and my ex-husband's cousin. Yes, it's a very small world.