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Jan 4

Shit, this is another one that has taken on new meaning and suddenly fits what’s going on with me now. Except for the part about being happy and certain.

Earlier, I said the song Monuments and Melodies kind of reminded me of the music from Twin Peaks, and suddenly it occurred to me that some of my fellow Incubus fans might be a little too young to remember that show. It was a creepy, sexy, quirky drama about a small town coming to grips with the brutal murder of a high school beauty queen. The music was eerie and hypnotic, like in this scene (Audrey’s Dance). My favorite was a darker, raunchier number called Pink Room.

30 day Incubus challenge

Day 10: Your favorite song from Monuments and Melodies.

Martini, because it’s unlike any other Incubus song. It’s a little arrogant, but in a likable kind of way. It makes me think of Don Draper from Mad Men, not because of martinis, but because of the attitude. And speaking of TV, does the song Monuments and Melodies remind anyone else of Twin Peaks? Every time I hear it, especially if it’s a rainy day, I get an odd craving for coffee and cherry pie.