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Incufest Day 1- Early Incubus

Many Thanks to all the Incufans who participated with us on Incufest Day 1! It was a blast. Ben Kenney, Dj Kilmore and even Brandon Boyd stopped by and joined with us! You can still join us by tweeting anything about Incubus with hashtag #Incufest. Love and light!

I asked for infinite long blonde headbanging and I got it! Could this day get awesomer? Thank you!!!!!! ♥

Incubus - Closet Cultivation

Speak Free / Bathe in My Snot / Pillow Your Eyes

Incubus - Damnation?

Incubus - Miss Bliss

How adorable are these children?

Incubus - Bathe in My Snot

Sometimes I really resent never having the chance to be a teenage boy.

Incubus - Pillow Your Eyes

…unless you prefer Purple Kool-Aid.

Apr 6

Incubus - A Certain Shade of Green (1998)


Before they hit it big in the mainstream, Incubus started out… (cont’d)


I’m ashamed to admit that in spite of having once been married to a Cuban I never learned much Spanish, but I think I know enough to stand corrected regarding the photo I posted earlier today of the brothers Boyd. I believe sugar-waterpurple is right, it is Darren, not Jason, with the cat. Cuties all.

Incubus - Miss Bliss

Okay, I’m calling it. 

It’s Incubaby Day!

(Photo sources: 1 ; 2)

A couple of us cougar types over on Twitter were just discussing these children, and how quickly time flies.

(Source, photo 2: Zimbio)

Sep 4

Incubus - Deep Inside

Chicago, 1998

I’m in. Shall we begin at the beginning?




Jul 3

More hair appreciation for our movement.

Flow it, show it, long as you can grow it…
…a nest for birds
there ain’t no words
for the beauty, the splendor, the wonder…