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"We gonna try one of those things. And maybe you don’t want to, man - I’m not gonna make you, but if I sing you a word, and then you sing a word, and then we all sing together like we know each other, it’s like we’re all family in the rain and stuff…"

Jack Fucking White, barefoot and beautiful, with his “Elvis-like swagger” (as the USA Today review described it), and a dash of Robert Plant thrown in for good measure. This clip includes the guitar solo from Steady As She Goes, and the cooler than cool handling of the obligatory audience participation bit. For the most part, it’s the highlights as seen on the big screen, since my view of the stage wasn’t the best. But in spite of that, and the rain, and a few sound system hiccups, this was hands down my favorite of all the shows I saw at Firefly.

The Raconteurs - Blue Veins

Another one that could easily be mistaken for something out of Twin Peaks.