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Rush, another one of those bands I had the chance to see when I was young, and they were young, but I didn’t take it. That’s why I will never pass up the opportunity to see Incubus whenever and wherever possible. Ain’t none of us getting any younger.

Rush - Tom Sawyer (Rush in Rio):

Incubus - Pistola and Tom Sawyer (Rock in Roma):

OMG, Fran, how do you find these awesome covers?!


Incubus @ Rock in Roma - Pistola & Tom Sawyer (by Luciano Capasso)

Gee, I wonder why I suddenly had the urge to hear some Rush.

The Mars Volta - Cicatriz E.S.P.

Okay, I confess I was not familiar with this band until Brandon Boyd mentioned it in a tweet a couple of weeks ago. As a longtime fan of Yes, plus some of what Rush used to do, and some of what Björk does, it’s hard for me not to like this a lot.