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Yet another 30 day music challenge

Day 27: A song that makes you think of tragic love.
Day 28: A song that makes you think of happy love.

The same song applies to both: Beautiful Boy by John Lennon.

Yet another 30 day music challenge

Day 26: A song that reminds you of high school.

Genesis - Follow You Follow Me

(Okay, Anonymous, I know you’re doing the math.)

Yet another 30 day music challenge

Day 23: A song that reminds you of your favorite book.

Yesterday’s challenge was “a song you would consider your anthem,” and I said A Certain Shade of Green by Incubus, because I’ve been so frustrated lately by how glacially people and things seem to move in my world. For today’s challenge, I had to think about my favorite book, and suddenly, finally, I connected the dots. My favorite book is Go, Dog. Go! by P.D. Eastman. You can see in these pictures that I still have my old worn out copy from when I was a child. It’s all about concepts like big and little, in and out, up and down, over and under, day and night, and oh yes, the most important of all: stop and go. Something about this really spoke to me all those years ago, and perhaps this is why A Certain Shade of Green speaks to me on such a fundamental level today. There’s a time to stop and a time to go, a time to rend and a time to sew, and to everything a season. But that’s another song.

Yet another 30 day music challenge

Day 25: A song you would consider your anthem.

I’m skipping around with this challenge, since it’s important to me to address this particular question today. For the longest time, I didn’t think I had an “anthem,” but recent events have led me to conclude that this is it: A Certain Shade of Green by Incubus. In so many ways, everything seems so slow to me lately, and it’s really starting to piss me off. I gave someone the greenest light in the universe this week, but he didn’t seem to get that green doesn’t just mean go, it means GO NOW! Sheesh, even Incubus themselves did a version of this song that’s way to slow. WTF IS EVERYONE WAITING FOR?!?!? It’s 2012 A.D.! Look alive! Make a move! If not now, when?!? I’m not getting any younger here. :-/

Yet another 30 day music challenge

Day 19: A song that would be the anthem of your childhood.

My childhood wasn’t interesting enough to have its own anthem. Besides, when I hear the word “anthem,” I think of national anthems, and then I think of how much I dislike the one we have here in the U.S. I’ve already blogged about that, and also about my childhood, which was dominated by folk music. So I guess an appropriate song for today would be Woody Guthrie's This Land is Your Land, which, if you ask me, would be a much better national anthem than the one we’ve got.

Yet another 30 day music challenge

Day 18: A song that would play during your death scene if your life were a movie.

Oh, Bob Dylan’s I Shall Be Released. There are so many legendary covers of this song, I had a hard time choosing which video to post. The one I keep coming back to is this 1970 performance by The Band. It’s not the prettiest, but Bob Dylan and The Band just go together.

Yet another 30 day music challenge

Day 17: A song you hope to dance to at your wedding.

Totally N/A. Even if I were insane enough to get married again, I wouldn’t bother with a wedding, and now that my legs have stopped functioning properly I don’t do much dancing these days. Nor did I ever, despite what my avatar may suggest. So here’s Promises Promises by Incubus, because, in more ways than one, my promising days are over.

Yet another 30 day music challenge

Day 16: A song by your current favorite band.

Earth to Bella by Incubus, to celebrate the fact that I finally managed to undo myself yesterday after years of being wound up pretty tight. I don’t know yet whether I’ll sink or swim, but I sure am seeing that second sun today. ♥

Yet another 30 day music challenge

Day 15: A song you heard live [at a concert]

Since I’m just getting over a 3-day splitting headache, I’m a little behind with this music challenge, and also with sharing my videos from the Gotye concert I went to last Sunday. Luckily, I can kill two birds with one stone here and give you yummy Wally de Backer, who takes to the drums for The Only Thing I Know. More video from Gotye’s Miami show coming soon.

Oct 7

Yet another 30 day music challenge

Day 14: A song that makes you think of someone important to you.

Incubus - Love Hurts

Oct 6

Yet another 30 day music challenge

Day 13: A song to describe the most important event in your live thus far.

I can’t identify a specific event, but everyone who has gotten as old as I have has that one moment in their past that, for the rest of their lives, makes them wonder what would have happened if they’d chosen the other path. For me, it was the decision to move to Florida, which I didn’t really want to do, but I did it because a budinsky relative who I barely knew laid a huge guilt trip on me and I fell for it. To the day I die, I’ll never stop wondering what my life would be like if I’d had the cojones to tell this asshole to fuck off and had stayed up north. Whatever. These three songs (Higher Love by Steve Winwood, Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now by Starship, and The Way it Is by Bruce Hornsby and The Range) don’t really describe anything, but during the two days it took me to drive from New Haven to south Florida all those years ago, these were the songs that were played incessantly on the radio. There were no iPods or Sirius in those days, and I don’t think I even had a tape deck or CD player in my car. FM radio was as good as it got, and for tediously long stretches of I-95, especially in the south, the selection of stations wasn’t the greatest. To this day, I can’t hear one of these songs without thinking about that trip, and that choice I made.

Oct 5

Yet another 30 day music challenge

Day 12: A song you discovered via a commercial.

Band of Skulls - Light of the Morning

Oct 4

Yet another 30 day music challenge

Day 11: A song you can daydream to.

Deftones - Sextape

Much better at night, but good for a daydream too. 

Oct 3

Yet another 30 day music challenge

Day 9: A song that makes you want to kick some ass.
Day 10: A song that makes you feel empowered.

Rage Against the Machine - Take the Power Back

I crank this up in the car after every departmental meeting. I really should do it before the meetings, but I need my job.

Oct 2

Yet another 30 day music challenge

Day 8: A song that is a guilty pleasure.

Divinyls - I Touch Myself