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Yet another 30 day music challenge

Day 3: A song you would like people to listen to and think of you.

My Morning Jacket - Librarian

If I have to be thought of as a librarian (because I happen to be one), then let it be the kind of librarian desired by the likes of Jim James.

What Brandon Boyd and librarians have in common.

What Brandon Boyd and librarians have in common.

PHOTO PERSONALITY MEME - Answer the questions below by using a search engine, choose a photo from the first 3 pages, post your results.

  1. Your name
  2. Your favorite food 
  3. Your favorite color
  4. Celebrity crush
  5. What you want to be when you grow up
  6. Dream vacation
  7. Your favorite drink
  8. What you love most in the world
  9. Your username

Photo sources: 1. Jenny; 2. Ice Cream; 3. Blue; 4. Brandon Boyd; 5. Radical Librarian; 6. Machu Picchu; 7. Coffee; 8. Hug; 9. The Red Shoes