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It’s silly, but I just got my 311th follower. Plus, I forgot to post this on Valentine’s Day, so this is as good an excuse as any.

The Airborne Toxic Event - Timeless

I should have posted this on Valentine’s Day.

Incubus - Stellar:

Incubus - Summer Romance (Anti-Gravity Love Song):

Francis Cabrel - Je t’amais, je t’aime, et je t’aimerai:

Daniel Lanois - I love you

Incubus - Here in My Room

In the last few minutes of Valentine’s Day (on the east coast), here’s my pick for best love song by Incubus. I could have posted the stupendous live video from Red Rocks, but right now I prefer just to listen…

Feb 1

Stop what you’re doing and listen to this lovely little winter love song by The Growing Room.